skechers Skechers, the incredibly popular athletic brand, has been gaining traction in the South Korean market in the last couple of years. The brand was looking for a popular act to model their shoes and SHINee fit the ticket, as the new spokesmodels for the brand. Skechers commented on the boys' already athletic style and how it is the natural fit for a company like theirs. The boys recently wrapped shooting their first commercial for the brand. The commercial is set to begin airing on March 7th. The company said, “In 2013, we will work with SHINee for the new line of of running shoes ‘GO RUN, LIV’ which enables you to run and walk simultaneously, and the ‘fitness & lifestyle look’ which features both practicality and style. [SHINee] will help increase the awareness of Skechers' specialized products, increase growth in the sports industry, become trendsetters, and help us position ourselves as the representative brand.” Sounds like a a good pairing. Are you more excited for the shoes... or the ads?