With the release of their 4th studio album ODD, SHINee members got together with the media before their concert at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena in Seoul last weekend and dished on the "odd" little quirks that make each member just a little more amazing.

Onew about Taemin: “Taemin has amazing focus. When he starts getting into something, there’s no pulling him back out. If he’s doing something that he likes, he finds explosive energy.”


Taemin about Jonghyun: “He has blood type AB, and he’s left-handed. He’s unique in a lot of ways, which I think is why he’s able to be so creative in his music as well.”


Jonghyun about Minho: “Minho is very firm about his style. Even when we’re all dyeing our hair with crazy colors and wearing contacts, he’s not fazed. He pushes through with his own style to the end.”


Minho about Key: “Key is able to pull off outfits that no one else can, but he can also pull off unusual things in music. He also learns super fast and remembers everything. He still remembers choreography from his trainee days.”


The members seemed to have the most to say about Leader Onew.

Key: “He has so many different kinds of talents, especially in things that we don’t really have the opportunity to show our fans on the air.”


Jonghyun: “He cracks walnuts with his hands. He can spin tables with his hand. He’s really good with his hands.”

Minho: “It’s not only his hands. He is the funniest person in the world. You don’t get to see that side of him a lot on the air, but I’m sure that if you could, you would find him much more charming.”

Wow, Onew has a lot of hand strength.  Have you had a chance to watch their newest video? You can catch a live performance of "Love Sick" from their album ODD in the video below. 

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