SHINee are December cover boys for CeCi magazine! A whirlwind year of solo projects separated the popular SMTown boy band. Taemin's debut this summer with his hit mini album "Ace" solidified him as a respected solo artist, while fellow members hosted radio shows and appeared in plays and television programs. In addition, they briefly reunited for their "Downtown Baby" J-Pop single in September. 

The adorable boy band took a break from their current SHINee WORLD 2014: I'm Your Boy tour in Japan for a classic black and white holiday photo shoot. SHINee remained fashion-forward, wearing bold prints while draped in Christmas tree lights. The band wore heavy makeup with their satin and velvet suits, distinct printed sweaters, and wide brimmed hats that looked like they were recycled from their 2013 Everybody album photo shoot.

In the exclusive photo shoot video, you see the To The Beautiful You actor Choi Min Ho starting to write a letter to ShaWols with the simple words "From SHINee" written on the outside of the envelope. It followed the "A Letter From SHINee" concept of the shoot.

See Shin Ha Kyun as an elderly chaebol who ages in reverse in the romantic comedy Mr Baek

Their complete pictorial in Ceci's December issue will be released in Korea, Thailand, and China. 

Are you excited to see a special holiday feature of the boys? 

(Sources:  Via Via)