SHINee is back, just short of their seven-year anniversary, with their 4th studio album Odd. This time, the five-member group, consisting of Onew, Jonghyun, KeyMinho, and Taemin, have taken on a new concept for their title track "View," and it is slightly surprising to fans.

The group still kept their trademark vocal concept, light, yet strong, and kept on the dance track theme, but the video itself was a little bit more than expected. The music video for "View" almost screams American spring break where the boys are kidnapped by a group of girls and then emerge as very casually dressed boys and start getting into all sorts of trouble.

And by all sorts, we mean there are copious amounts of drinking, clubbing, breaking and entering, and general mischievousness around town. However, there's still more with a pool scene and a bar fight, which leads to Minho clearly getting more intimate with one of the girls. Accompanied with the sirens at the end, indicating they get arrested, this is a bit off from the normal SHINee vibe.

With that said, this feels like "love it or hate it" concept. Many netizens have enjoyed the group seems to have a bit more freedom with this concept, while some miss the group's strong visuals and one-track M/V plotlines. That said, the song is catchy and the dance has the regular SHINee precision to it. Let's just hope they don't stay troublemakers for long! Check out the M/V below:

So are you a fan of SHINee? What did you think of the video? Was it's story a little more than you were expecting? More importantly, did you like the song? Let know all of your thoughts in the comments!

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