Airport selfies! Globetrotting boy group SHINee ran into Hollywood actor and comedian Jack Black at the airport today. Following their brush with comedy, members Onew and Jong Hyun rushed to Twitter to share photos they took with the star.

Onew wrote the caption "21" as a play on words, referring to 2NE1's BlackJacks.

Jong Hyun shared the following message to accompany his star selfie: "I saw Jack Black at the airport...He asked if I was a rock star, and we started chitchatting. He said he was a rock star too...He mentioned his name was Jack...Are you Jack? Jack Black? School of Rock?!  I didn't even expect that...He's having a concert in Korea!"

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Jack Black holds his Tenacious D Live show at the Olympic Park, Olympic Hall in Songpa, Seoul on December 5 and 6. 

SHINee releases their SHINee World III in Seoul live album on December 11. They are currently on tour in Japan. 

They are too cute! 

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