SHINee is making history! The "Married to the Music" singers are finally heading to the Windy City. Yesterday, L.A.-based production company SubKulture Enterainment made the big announcement that the five idols will meet their fans in Chicago on May 8 in the Rosemont Theatre at 7PM. This news comes almost eight years after the stars made their official debut in the K-pop industry on May 25, 2008. Details about tickets will come at a later date.

Midwestern ShaWols were overjoyed to hear the news last night, and I was one of them. I have been following their career since 2009, but I haven't had the opportunity to see them perform live in the USA. I will be one of the first to log in and purchase my tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime event. I hope after they meet so many of their beloved fans, they will be compelled to come back and hold a SHINee World tour date in the near future.

Are you planning to see SHINee this May?

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Because It's the First Time

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