SHINee Model & radio DJ Jang Yoon Ju had an opportunity to spend some time with the boys of SHINee recently, and what better to do when you corner four fashion elite then make the memory last forever on film. Opting to take full advantage of the photo op, she joined the boys in striking some high fashion poses. She snapped the photo for her twitter page with the comment: “I met SHINee! I used to consider them much younger but after I met them my mind was changed. They are innocent, hilarious and seem like they even had things to teach me a thing or two about. From now on, I’ll be cheering you on, SHINee! SHINee will be dropping by ‘Rooftop Room’ tomorrow! What do you think about our high fashion look?”  Patterns, prints, and angles angles angles—we're loving it! Think this could make it in Korean Vogue?