ShaWols' love is enough for Jonghyun!

On a recent broadcast of Kim Shin Young's Noon Song of Hope radio program, the I AM star made an appearance to promote his latest solo album She Is. The topic of dating came up during his on-air interview after a listener asked him out. Despite his extra amount of free time at home, Jonghyun admitted dating isn't for him at the moment.  

"Does dating seem good for me? I don't favor going outside even if I do date. I stay at home. I don't really have a certain style in women that I favor."

After many listeners continued to encourage him to date, he responded, "Why is everyone telling me to date? I don't have any desire to do so!"

I think Jonghyun should do what he feels comfortable doing. If dating is not his thing right now, ShaWols need to support his decision. But it would be cute to see Jjong eventually wed and have adorable babies that look just like him! In the meantime, we can enjoy his idol performances as a single guy!

Check out his first live performance of "She Is" on Mnet's M Countdown today.

Jonghyun and his group SHINee return to the US this summer for 2016 K-CON! They will be headlining K-CON L.A., which will be held on July 29~31.

What do you think about his decision to fly solo?


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