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Following the episode 5 preview of Let's Drink last week, ShaWols have been anxious to see two SHINee members grace our TV screens once again. Choi Minho is finally guest starring this week as a former classmate of Key on the upbeat, romantic series. The hilarious story in episode 5 kicks off with Chae Yeon admitting that she is a big fan of SHINee. Key decides to expose his former classmate's dark past, and accidentally encounters Minho's fan club members when he is drunk. The drama's production company promises Key's cute, drunk acting is not to be missed. 

Episode 5 is sure to bring Key and Chae Yeon just a little bit closer together. In the past four episodes, the pair have been at each other's throats! They are bickering every chance they get. It seems Key's disapproval of Chae Yeon all started when she coldly rejected his friend. I'm very curious to see how they are going to do a complete 360 and make these two polar opposites fall for each other. 

Watch Minho indirectly help bring a new K-drama couple into existence on today's episode of Let's Drink. Are you excited for the double SHINee special? 

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