Choi Minho has found the follow-up to Because It's The First Time.

TvN capitalized on the popular flower boy trend with Shut Up Flower Boy BandFlower Boy Ramen Shop, and Flower Boy Next Door, and now KBS reprises their role as the original Boys Over Flowers broadcaster by bringing viewers an all-new series from the producers of the tvN flower boy shows. 

Fangirls and fanboys were overjoyed to learn that the adorable Choi Minho joined the cast of Hwarang (aka Flowering Knights). A drama associate made the official announcement today. This exciting announcement follows previous casting news that fellow heartthrobs Park Seo Joon and ZE:A's Park Hyungsik and actress Go Ah Ra are also part of the show.   

The historical-based series Hwarang, which plans to air in Korean and Chinese, began filming in January and is scheduled to wrap in May. It is all about a elite group of young men in the Kingdom of Silla.

I was a big fan of Boys over Flowers and Flower Boy Next Door, but I haven't gotten around to viewing Flower Boy Ramen Shop yet. If Hwarang is anything like the two dramas I did see, I will be the first one to join the unofficial fandom. 

Are you anticipating another series filled with adorable boys?


Because It's the First Time

Starring Choi Min Ho and Park So Dam

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