Choi Min Ho is headed to a theater near you! The To The Beautiful You actor has decided that his next career move with be in movies, according to an affiliate in the film industry. The affiliate recently spoke with Newsen about the "Your Number" singer's plans. "Min Ho has already made his decision to appear in Grandmother Gyechoon and has started preparations for the filming."

Following his small screen roles on the Pianist, Salmander GuruTo The Beautiful You, and Medical Top Team, this will be the first time the SHINee member will act in a feature film. 

Death Bell director Chang Gam Dok, who also produced music videos for top idols like Girls' Generation, is in charge of Grandmother Gyechoon. Actresses Yoon Yeo Jeong and Kim Go Eun will star in the film about a granddaughter being reunited with her grandmother after missing for 10 years. Filming is scheduled to start soon. 

I'm always biased when it comes to SHINee. I have been a fan since 2009. If any member is taking on a new project, I'm 100% behind them! I haven't watched all of the productions they appeared in, but I try my best. 

Are you anticipating his debut on the silver screen as much as I am? In the meantime, you can re-watch his performance in To the Beautiful You:

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