SHINee_Key_Minho On February 19, MBC aired SHINee's Wonderful Day, which featured the boys parading around the world in preparation for their upcoming album (squeal). During a stop in Britain, the two bandmates wanted a bit of alone time and got into a minor brotherly dispute. In an interview, Minho stated, “It’s just that I had a schedule for how I wanted to spend my time there, but it appeared as though Key was going to merge his plans with my own."  Key confessed, “I think I checked out rather late, so I’m going to have to stay at your place for a while” to which Minho responded, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Key later said in an interview, “I said that because I thought he wouldn’t let me follow him if I said that had been my initial plan all along. I feel like Minho doesn’t like me at times.” Minho, either genuinely or to quash any negative press, heard how Key felt and assured him, “It’s not that I don’t like you. It’s not that at all. Don’t misunderstand me.”  This is an odd and strangely candid confession from the group.  We hope they can resolve any lingering tension. What do you think—did Minho overreact?