The most popular member of SHINee is Choi Minho! Today, the "Everybody" singer won the Popularity Award from the 2014 MBC Entertainment Awards alongside his fellow Show! Music Core co-hosts Block B's Zico and young actress Kim So Hyun. Music lovers enjoyed their weekly hosting style so much that they honored them with the top award.

Comedian Jun Hyun Moo joked that he was a part of SHINee too when he presented the award to the handsome singer. During Minho's acceptance speech, he graciously accepted and promised to have an even better public image in the future. 

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Super Junior's Kyuhyun and EXO's Chen and Tao were seen cheering wholeheartedly for their label mate in the audience.

TheTo The Beautiful You actor joined Show! Music Core in April 2013. He has been delighting music fans every Saturday through the program.

Congratulations to Choi Minho! 

Do you agree with MBC's popularity choice?

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