First generation K-pop group Shinhwa's Lee Min Woo (36) and model Ko So Hyun (25), who rose to stardom with Korea's Next Top Model, confirmed their relationship. The two stars said they're dating soon after pictures of them leaving Incheon international airport for Los Angeles, CA were leaked. 

Shinhwa was invited to perform on MCountdown at KCON 2015 USA, North America's biggest Hallyu convention. Lee Min Woo and Ko So Hyun left for Los Angeles last Saturday, two weeks before the convention starts, to spend some alone time. The other Shinhwa members Eric MoonJun JinKim Dong Wan, Andy, and Shin Hye Sung will leave for the convention separately.

After they met through mutual friends and became lovers in the spring of 2014, they weren't hesitant to introduce each other to friends as a significant other. Friends say Lee Min Woo takes good care of Ko So Hyun, who's 11 years younger than he is. Lee Min Woo, who's sometimes considered the most fashionable Shinhwa member, and supermodel Ko So Hyun frequented Garosu-gil for shopping. The restaurant Lee Min Woo's older sister runs was another place they were seen together many times. 

The news of the latest Korean celebrity couple isn't new for many Shinhwa fans, however. Fans suspected the relationship after noticing couple items on Lee Min Woo and Ko So Hyun's Instagram accounts, like couple rings from The Gobo and matching M&M's jars.

Watch the Shinhwa and ZE:A members fight on Running Man:

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