Just last Friday, Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido made an announcement that elated female telecommuters all across Japan. With the creation of new virtual makeup app TeleBeauty, women will no longer have to touch up their faces before a video conference. The app will make them look beautiful without the ladies having to lift a finger.

Still being tested by 100 female employees of Shiseido, the revolutionary app has a scheduled release date of March, 2017. Utilizing Microsoft Japan's Skype for Business, female telecommuters who don't feel like putting makeup on just for a video conference will have the four looks of natural, trendy, cool, or feminine to choose from. Once the looks are selected, complexion and lipstick color can also be adjusted, giving the telecommuter a number of options depending on the specifics of the online meetings. And what makes the app especially convenient is that is has a feature that can blur backgrounds, so that even if you're in your bedroom, no one will know!

If the testing goes well, Shiseido's app may be a game-changer in the world of telecommuting. After all, what makes telecommuting so great is that you get to work from home. And who wants to get all dressed up and pretty just to sit in on a video conference, especially when you're in the comfort of your own bedroom? As the video below shows, telecommuting is just starting to catch on in Japan, and when TeleBeauty officially hits the market, there are sure to be a lot of ladies sending in resumes to be a telecommuter. Just wear a nice shirt, while rocking some comfy sweatpants that won't be visible, and sit at a desk in your room and get some work done. 

Sounds perfect.

"Will let you realize a new way to enjoy makeup."


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