DramaFever adds a little non-drama today with the premiere of two new documentary series from Korea: Shocking Life and Cultural Trilogy! Part Real Sex, part Ghost Hunters, and part Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Shocking Life examines the oddities and the unusual from Korea. Divided into three parts: Sex, Beauty and Supernatural - this is a side of Korea you haven't seen before! Cultural Trilogy guides you between the three East Asian cultures of Korea, China and Japan, their differences and their shared cultural experiences from thousands of years of history. The SHOCKING LIFE: Sex documentary series takes you undercover to the uninhibited back streets and dark alleys of Korea. Meet the Pet Guys, young men trapped in a cycle of money and sexual servitude to "sugar mamas." Take a look at the unglamorous side behind the camera in the Korean adult film industry. Learn more about the disturbing trend of alcohol and promiscuity with "wasted chicks." Take a ride on the bus with swinging couples on Don't Ask, Don't Tell trips. Take heed of the dangerous use of sex drugs with aphrodisiac traps and female sex stimulants. Meanwhile, an increasing positive trend in Korea is safe sex. See how people are becoming more responsible with the condom march. And the SHOCKING LIFE investigative team takes a trip to Japan to find out what happens at "kiss bars" and other kinky rendezvous in Shinjuku, Japan. Watch SHOCKING LIFE: Sex here on DramaFever. The SHOCKING LIFE: Supernatural documentary series takes a look at the paranormal and other worldly adventures beyond our five senses. Meet the ghost seekers who dare to confront their ethereal fears. Meet Korea's Mr. UFO who claims extraterrestrial visitors regularly visit Seoul. Listen for the Voice of Tae-Aryeongs, the souls of aborted children trapped in afterlife limbo. Decide for yourself if Korean folk remedy practitioners are skilled doctors or a quacks. Meet the people who communicate with spirits and those possessed trying to free themselves through hypnosis treatments. Listen to accounts of out of body experiences - are they a hallucination or reality? Confront your phobias and beware of deals with the devil in cursing rituals. Watch SHOCKING LIFE: Supernatural here on DramaFever. The SHOCKING LIFE: Beauty documentary series goes behind the scenes to find the high price of beauty. With the latest trends in fashion, Koreans are asking themselves how much skin is too much to bare? But the critics won't stop "Butt Girl", who revels in making very public statements with her homemade and unique fashion designs. For those very comfortable in their own skin, there's always the career of a naked model. Want to keep your clothes on? Then there's a shot to become an ELITE model when Elite Model Management searches Korea for the new stars of international beauty. Not everyone is blessed with natural good looks and the Plastic Beauty Pageant transforms the ordinary girl into the extraodrinary in a competition of plastic surgery. SHOCKING LIFE: Beauty shows us that looking good was never so hard! Watch SHOCKING LIFE: Beauty here on DramaFever. The CULTURAL TRILOGY documentary series takes us on a tour of the cultures of Japan, China and Korea. Each country has cultural icons that are similar but have evolved uniquely over thousands of years. Traditional fashions still amaze today in "Traditional Homes" and "Charm in Cloth." The arts handed down for generations are on display in "Martial Arts," "Ceramics," "Paper," "Dolls," "Paitings," and "Masks." Unique foods are synonmous with East Asian cultures in "Street Foods," "Kimchi," and the "Beauty of Tea." Family's still bond with strong traditions in"Weddings," "Kindergarten," or a "Day at the Market." But times are changing as "Young Women" find new opportunites and challenges in the modern world. And see what the future might hold for Japan, China and Korea together as "Three Countries." Watch CULTURAL TRILOGY here on DramaFever. Warning: SHOCKING LIFE is intended for mature audiences.