There have been many Batman sightings, but none quite like this. Drivers cruising in Chiba Prefecture in Japan spotted Batman, and not just any Batman. This caped-crusader was wearing a shockingly authentic Batsuit and burning down the highway in a vehicle that looks a lot like the actual Batpod.

Many drivers saw the amazing Batman on the Wangan Line expressway in Japan and took as many photos and videos of him as they could. I'm seriously impressed with the detail of the Batsuit, especially how accurate the cape looks when it flaps in the wind.

After the highway Batman pictures were uploaded to the Internet, netizens rightly lost their minds, some saying:

"Super cool ☆ But his cape looks difficult to ride in."

"Don’t think that helmet is OK to ride in."

"Totally respect this guy."

"He’s gonna get arrested."

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