Shoot them with a vaccine gun, that is. "AKB48 Sailor Zombies", an arcade game set for release in April, premiered at the recent Anime Japan 2014, one of the largest anime festivals in the world.

With a two day attendance total of more than 110,000 people, this years Anime Japan proved to be a tremendous success. Fans from all over Japan and the world enjoyed two days of all things anime, with industry insiders introducing their newest anime and characters. One of the highlights of the convention was the premiere of AKB48 Sailor Zombies, a light, horror video game set to debut in game centers (arcades) in April. By far the most popular idol group in Japan for the last few years, AKB48 and their fans will now turn into zombies in this new game, and you have to shoot them with a gun before they get you. "Please shoot me with your gun and save me," your favorite girl will plead with you. It's not any gun, it's a vaccine gun, of course, because you love AKB48 and you have to save them

The girls were made into zombies by 3D printing, and the images are very real. When their popular songs play, the zombies will get in formation and start dancing. You have to keep rhythm with them, or you will lose your life energy. When things blow up, your seat will shake. You will feel wind coming out of the game screen, giving you an almost virtual zombie experience. I imagine game centers will be packed come April.

Sailor Zombies will also be made into a drama series on TV Tokyo, a major network television station. Stay tuned!