Up until now, karaoke singers could either bring their own food and drinks (sometimes via smuggling) or order from the karaoke whatever limited choices the establishment had to offer. Now you can shop where you sing.

Family Mart, one of Japan's leading convenience stores, joined forces with Karaoke Dam, one of the largest karaoke franchises, to create a space that allows singers to purchase whatever snacks and beverages they want during their marathon singing sessions. The new establishment in Tokyo uses only one register for both the karaoke and the convenience store. Walk in, the store is to your left, the karaoke to your right. Since the same workers run both the Family Mart and the karaoke, the employers are able to save on costs and at the same time provide customers with a "convenient" experience.

By teaming up with Karaoke Dam, Family Mart hopes to attract seniors and others who like to sing during the day to the many benefits of their convenient stores. The plan is to open 30 more of these karaoke/convenience stores in the next three years.

How ideal for karaoke singers!