Seo In Guk is king of possessing reverse charm. After delighting audiences with his aegyo-filled portrayal of the conglomerate heir who loses his memory Kang Ji Sung/Louis in Shopping King Louis, opposite the equally charming actress Nam Ji Hyun (Go Bok Shil), the actor returns back to his roots in the entertainment industry as a singer with his sultry new R&B single “BeBe,” a music video with the concept of a secret love affair.

While many people are familiar with Seo’s acting career due to his part in popular dramas such as Answer Me 1997 and The Master’s Sun, he actually made his entertainment debut in 2009 when he won the talent show program Superstar K. It wasn’t until 2012 that Seo transitioned into acting with his supporting role in Love Rain

Shopping King Louis could be his last drama before military enlistment. As of yet, Seo has not received his enlistment date, but anticipates his deployment will be some time in 2017. In November, Seo was quoted as saying he had no plans before the mandatory service, “However, I think fans will be sad if I don’t do anything before enlisting. I’m thinking of several different things.” With the release of “BeBe,” written by Seo (but not based on his own experiences, he has clarified), the several things look to be the start of several wonderful musical things.

What do you think of “BeBe”?


Shopping King Louis

Starring Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun

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