If an abandoned dog could talk, what would he say? A Taiwanese short film, titled Never Let Me Go, was sponsored by Nestle Purina's initiative to raise awareness against animal cruelty. The touching film lasts only 5 minutes, but it has probably led viewers to shed miles of tears. The furry star, a Shiba Inu dog, quietly told the poignant story with Chinese and English subtitles that perfectly captured the sentiment.

Most pet owners understand that it is a huge responsibility to adopt a pet. I think of my dogs as family, and vice versa. Can you imagine abandoning a family member on the side of the road? But this is exactly what happened to a cute Shiba Inu. His happy life with a young couple ended when the wife got pregnant, presumably because they didn't have the means to continue to keep a dog.

As the film started, the dog was blissfully unaware what was about to happen: 

The cute and playful dog was well liked by the kind strangers he ran into, but he remembered his original family and wanted to find them. As the poignant story ends without a happy reunion, it is simply heartbreaking to see the dog continue alone on his journey to search for his lost family.

If you are impressed by the high quality of the production, it's because It was directed by Taiwanese movie director Gavin Lin, whose 2015 movie, Welcome to the Happy Days, starring Alice Ke, won Best Movie at the Guam International Movie Festival. The furry star who touched our hearts with his performance was trained by a dog training school in Taiwan. Even though it is a short film, we'd still cry for the touching story.

The short film was produced in 2014 and was sponsored by Nestle Purina's "Help Them" campaign, which asks people to pledge their respect for life and support for strays. The YouTube video was first posted a year ago and has since been viewed almost 2 million times. Hopefully the video and the campaign have raised much needed awareness for the plight of strays.

~ NancyZdramaland

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