Taiwanese singer-actor Chris Wang has seen his popularity plummet after his recent revelation of his secret girlfriend who was already four months pregnant. The reason is more complicated than just a star having a relationship that the fans didn't know about.

Asian male stars have had the pressure of maintaining bachelor status as long as possible for fear of losing avid fan support, especially from young women who form the majority of the fan base. Many of the male stars either wait until they are finally middle-aged or when their girlfriend is pregnant to announce marriage plans.

How they announce the big reveal requires finesse and delicate handling. If done well, they can continue to keep their valuable fan support and move on with their personal plans. On the other hand, if the fans are upset by how the news came out or if the star explained the situation poorly, the male idol's career would be at risk.

Chris Wang posted a personal letter including an ultrasound picture to the fans on October 26. He explained how he and his manager-assistant fell in love, and announced that his girlfriend was already 4 months pregnant. At the time, there seemed to be general support for his courage to come out to tell the truth.

Nevertheless, in the online voting that's currently ongoing for the Sanlih Drama Awards,  Chris has fallen to the bottom in the category of 'Best Chinese Wave Star' which he won last year. (Aaron Yan is leading the pack, followed by Lego Lee who is co-starring with Chris in Aim High.) The speculated reason is that many fans have been upset that he had hidden the secret from them, and essentially lying to them, until he was forced to tell the truth.

It makes me feel sorry for Chris. What do you think? Should he have kept mum or told the truth? Would you be so affected by your favorite actor's relationship news that you wouldn't watch his shows anymore?

(photo: jpopasia)