Skymark Airlines, a domestic carrier in Japan, is known for the revealing uniforms of their flight attendants. As expected, reactions to these mini-skirts have been both positive and negative.

Late last year, when Skymark Airlines announced and exhibited their new uniforms, their stock value skyrocketed. They got publicity and it created a lot of buzz. It all seemed like a great idea at the time, but now there seems to be some concern about whether or not these short skirts are really appropriate for an airline.

There are fans, of course. Many men seem to enjoy flying with Skymark (flight attendants are in their twenties), and others think it's all in good fun. But many passengers feel that it's tacky. Now some legislators are questioning this practice, despite there being no restrictions currently on what kind of uniforms flight attendants wear. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has commented that it will look into whether or not the short skirts affect the safety of the crew and passengers, and how the flight attendants should deal with the possibility of harassment from unruly, touchy-feely passengers. Maybe Skymark Airlines can hire their own air marshals and have them dressed in men's hot pants.