A Taiwanese college student is in trouble for having stuffed her cat into a jar and posted the photos to Facebook, with the caption "Punishment for a naughty cat." Her action has raised the ire in Facebook viewers and animal lovers alike.

In these pictures, you can see a white furry cat in a big jar. Even though the jar looks big, it's still inconceivable how the cat was forced in. It is obviously uncomfortable for the cat as the cat's face looks crunched and the whole body is twisted. People who saw the photos immediately became angry and joined an online netizen movement to find the real identity of this irresponsible girl.

Providence University of Taiwan has revealed that Kiki Lin (FB name), one of their third-year students who they say is a quiet student without many friends, is responsible. They will conduct a further inquiry.

When confronted by the media, Kiki now says that she was only looking for an alternate way to carry her pet, also named Kiki. She claimed that instead of using a cage or a bag, she wanted to try a jar so that the cat could see the world outside better, and that it only lasted a few minutes. She also poked some holes for the cat to breathe. The "punishment" comment was simply a joke, according to her, and she denies having committed anything wrong. She also regrets her action and says she loves her cat and will not do it again. By Taiwanese law, however, she could be in violation of anti-animal cruelty laws. The punishment includes a monetary penalty and up to a year long prison term.