Welcome back Dispatchers! This week's episode was full of surprises, shocking reveals and an unexpected death. We're beginning to find out just how far back the corruption goes and our crime stopping heroes are put through new trials and tribulations. Join Jazmine, Unnichan, and DeShonda as we discuss this week's episodes!

Jazmine: There’s a lot going on this week, so I’m just gonna start from the top. We start off with the dramatic conclusion to the kidnapping case. Detective Cha confronts the culprit face to face and it’s gets real intense. I couldn’t help but be in awe at her bravery cause I don’t think I could have done the same thing. We also got to see another outcome of how the transmissions plasy with time. Instead everything going horribly wrong because Detective Lee caught the culprit earlly, everything went right. What did you guys think?

Unnichan: Soo Hyun and her pursuit of Jin Woo was interesting because she was a victim and also apart of law enforcement, therefore this meant all the more to her. Not only did she want to catch the culprit for the simple fact he was a criminal but because of her own guilt. What I found interesting was Bum Joo’s hateful comment about Jin Woo just being “crazy piece of trash” and Hae Young wondering how Cha perceived him. For ultimately, I completely understand both. Jin Woo’s story broke my heart but also sickened me, because regardless of how his mother mistreated or didn’t teach him, there was no excuse for his behavior. And he was so eaten alive by his killing compulsion, he needed to die, having nothing to live for any longer. What I continue to applaud this show for is cases like this one walk that fine for me, which all solidified the need for casting an actor like Lee Sang Yeob.

DeShonda: I got goosebumps when Detective Cha entered Jin Woo’s apartment. As she entered and had to relive her kidnapping all over again was very chilling. I know I could not have done that and I agree that she is a very brave woman for doing that. I agree with you Unnichan about Jin Woo’s story. It was very heartbreaking to watch what he went through as a child and to see how the abuse affected him and basically turned him into a murderer. I had a feeling that he was going to try to commit suicide and I was hoping that he would not go through with it. When Detective Cha basically saved him, I was quite relieved.

Jazmine: It is quite interesting how this show makes you feel a twinge of empathy even for criminals like Jin Woo, but like Unnichan said that is no excuse for his actions. However, I’m happy about the overall outcome of the case and the fact that there were even a few victims that could have been saved. Though now….I’m hoping these transmissions get Hae Young some much needed closure with the 1999 case AND the murder of the Section Chief cause as of right I’m like “this is crazy”. I liked how everything is connected, and I eventhough these epiosdes reveleaseda lot I have more questions than answers right now. I feel bad for Hae Young cause it’s obvious the other detectives have it out for him and I’m hoping that he’ll find a way out of this.

Unnichan: This last episode left me in such a funk, I don’t even know where to begin. One thing is that we see the full picture concerning Hae Young’s part in the Injoo case. The fact he was no longer living with his mother and Sun Woo is just awful and being so young, how confused and out of the loop he was. When I think about how Jin Woo’s case was wrapped up, I can’t help but hope for a modicum of that as well. Especially given that show places Jin Woo’s last victim, Yoo Seon Young, working in his facility, almost like a type of fate. Hae Young has many more questions than I do at this point and he and Cha have tons of work ahead of them. But I do wonder, how long he will be able to keep the truth of the transmissions hidden from her?

DeShonda: I was completely knocked off my feet when Section Chief Ahn was killed. I was not expecting that outcome at all. Now I have to wonder who had him killed. I believe this has Bum Joo written all over it. Sun Woo’s story pulled at my heartstrings a bit. We finally saw what happened to Hae Young’s parents and why, but now we have Sun Woo who was accused of something that he did not do and eventually this is why he committed suicide. Now my question is who is the “one.”

Jazmine: Yeah I don’t think Hae Young is gonna be able to hide those transmissions much longer. Things are getting way more complicated now. This isn’t just solving random cold cases anymore. We have this Injoo case, Chief Ahn’s case, and Jae Han’s own murder (even though we know who did it, there’s still questions surrounding it). I actually hope he reveals the transmissions soon. Sun Woo’s story is quite heartbreaking DeShonda...he’s just a innocent bystander is all this. I think the “one” could be maybe the son of the concrete company they were talking about.That seems like the most obvious answer, but with this show I never know. Also, I think Bum Joo definitely hired that guy to kill Chief Ahn and I am so waiting for the moment when he finally gets caught. I am sick of that guy!

Unnichan: TELL ME ABOUT IT! When I think about how sympathetic this show has made practically everyone; victims and perpetrators, I can’t imagine them blotting out the evil that is Kim Bum Joo. He was a poison the moment he walked into the precinct and all he did was infect everything he touched. I’m so sickened by him, I can’t even articulate my thoughts about that man. This episode was hard, because not only did we know he was going to dispose of Ahn, given their last conversation, the stench of helplessness was so thick and his enjoyment in exploiting that, I was just plain sad all episode long. The only thing that truly sent me over the edge was Kang Hye Seung’s accusation confirmation. And the tears came when Hae Young hit bone and Soo Hyun pulled out Jae Han’s badge. Those two things were inevitable yet they crushed me. But I do think that the first “one” has to do with the Senator (cameo by my love Sohn Hyun Joo), for not only did we see Jae Han confront him in ‘97, we also see Bum Joo meet him in the present for a cover up consultation.

DeShonda: Oh my goodness! I was not expecting Detective Cha and Detective Park to find the remains of Detective Lee buried at the bottom of his basement. This entire scene just sent chills down my spine. That was a very shocking moment and I hope that Bum Joo goes down for his crime. I knew the entire police department was corrupt but this is just wrong. I still want to know why he was murdered though. At this point the entire police department is skating on thin ice because they know something, but no one is talking. I was hoping that when Detective Cha met with her former co worker (and Detective Lee’s best friend) that he would be able to offer some helpful information on Detective Lee’s death. Instead he kept quiet about the incident, but it’s obvious he knows something and it’s bothering him big time.

Jazmine: When Hae Young and Soo Hyun were digging around and found Jae Han’s body I was so hurt. I mean, I knew he was dead but I wish they didn’t have to be the ones to find him. Part of me wishes that there will be some way that Jae Han can come back without any super life-altering effects. Though I think that’s impossible given that his death has a lot surrounding it and was maybe the catalyst that helped Bum Joo secure his position and keep it. Breaks my heart though. The Senator is definitely involved and until you mentioned him I completely forgot about his little five minutes during this episode. Hae Young is now at the center of these three intersecting cases I mentioned before and this show has four more episodes and I don’t think I’m ready for the truck of reveals we’re sure to get. Do you have any theories or speculations besides the Senator?

Unnichan: Regarding the first “one?” Not at the moment, though it would be nice to be completely shocked. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they dig up someone else we think we’ve forgotten. The only thing I know for sure, is whomever it is, he or the people protecting him, has power, wealth and authority because that is the one thing that is emphasized over and over and the shrouding issue with all the corruption in this narrative. Just like Jung Jae saying since there’s no way to win, they should take the money, survive and look the other way. I could have screamed! How can you not understand that even if you get funds to feed your family or keep your dying kid from too soon, none of that usurps someone else’s life, family or your own integrity? There are things that anyone would do to protect those people we find important but that should never be disregarding the consequences or crossfires. As for Jae Han, I want his death to be reversed so badly, even knowing it’s completely irrational. But it reminds me what Hae Young said at the end of episode 11 about how the transmissions may be giving another opportunity at life but no one is in control of that life’s outcome, however, with life, comes hope. I can’t help but want that hope for Jae Han, knowing it’s impossible.

Jazmine: Unnichan, I couldn’t agree more.

What'd you think? Will Hae Young be charged with murder? How are all the cases connected? What will happen next in the series? Let us know in the comments below!

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