Dispatchers, our last transmission is just one week away and Signal still has us on the edge, for as one question gets answered, more appear. And the hope of changing time becomes more important than the reality of its impending danger. Join us for another discussion of this captivating crime drama. What do you think we have in store for us now that we're heading to end? Let us know in the comments below.

Unnichan: I know I said this early on, that this show would wreck my heart but I had actually spent a couple weeks at ease, with dry eyes and even temper… And then last week happened. Now, this week I spent the majority of this first episode with wet cheeks.

DeShonda: I was an emotional wreck watching these episodes as well. Detective Lee’s death was very sad and I was also heartbroken watching how everything turned out.

Unnichan: What I did love about this bout of tears was that I wasn’t only heartbroken at the loss of Lee Jae Han’s life and his loved ones coming to terms with that, but also at the life he led. He continues to be this amazing man, with a strong will. Someone who is consistent in his words and deeds. He’s the kind of character where the more you find out about him, the more you love and respect him and saying goodbye to that kind of person hurts but it’s certainly bittersweet.

DeShonda: I must agree with you that he did live a great life and he was an fantastic man and cop. I was also sad because no one came to his funeral, but the people who really cared for him...the most important people were there. I can say that I am happy that his father has some closure now that his son was found, but it still breaks my heart. No parent should have bury their children.

Unnichan: That is always the consensus. But I knew his father would feel a sense of relief because his son wasn’t the type to just disappear. And that conversation with Soo Hyun or rather confession that though she knew he must be dead, she couldn’t help but hope? That killed man! However it does remind me of her hilarious love confession moment.

DeShonda: Ah yes...that was a light moment in the episodes this week...the “love confession.” I could not help but laugh at that as well. I absolutely loved that scene and I needed that laugh. I thought it was cute that she admitted her feelings to him though.

Unnichan: Not to mention the fact that the picture behind Batman was actually his and not hers. AHHHH! This week was hard girl! HARD. My only hope was that Hae Young would find a way to tell Jae Han to make sure to take a proper photo with her.

DeShonda: The Batman picture. I kind of figured it did not belong to her and it was Detective Lee’s. And I agree Detective Cha and Detective Lee needed a photo together. I was hoping for the same thing actually.

Unnichan: I knew the Batman pic was his I just always figured the photo behind was her memento and then totally forgot about it. So for us to find out that she realizes too late that he may have felt the same way, was yet another blow this week.

DeShonda: Another turning point in these episodes was when Detective Cha finally heard the transmissions that Detective Park was getting from Detective Lee. I must admit, I was very happy that she found out and she heard Detective Lee’s voice on the other side. That entire scene when she found the radio and questioned Detective Park about it….I was on the edge of my seat!

Unnichan: We’ve been waiting so long for her find out about the transmissions and we’d been thinking someone was going to have to tell her. But all in all, I like the way they teased us with the reveal. It definitely works out for the best for her to not only have an incident in the past but also in the present, then hear the entire thing for herself. It’s the layers that work about it all and should make it easier for her to believe. For me, there’d been a connection I was constantly trying to make and all the pieces finally fit for me this week. I love that this show started at the end and took us back to the beginning.

DeShonda: You are exactly right when you mentioned how we were teased with the reveal of the radio. And I also think it’s very clever of the writers to start from the end to the beginning. It’s one of the many elements that makes this drama great. Indeed there were a lot of questions that we had from the start and now they are clear and we know some answers.

Unnichan: This radio was something that was always special to Jae Han, something that even Soo Hyun knew before she even met Hae Young but something he knew nothing about until he picked it up out of the trash. My thing is who threw it away?

DeShonda: I was also wondering the same thing about the radio...who was the one that wanted to get rid of it in the first place. Could it have been Kim Bum Joo perhaps? He’s is so corrupt that I wouldn’t put it past him. He basically murdered Detective Lee after all.

Unnichan: Jae Han hid the radio and Hae Young makes the suggestion that Ahn and Kim Sung Bum killed Jae Han together. Not sure but Bum Joo could have definitely gotten the radio as proof from either of them. But now we know who the “one” is (Jang Tae Jin) and his connection the Senator/Congressman. And all that Bum Joo has been willing to do to keep these deeds under wraps.

DeShonda: And speaking of closure...our Detective Park received some heartbreaking news about his brother, Sun Woo. Again, I was happy that his Sun Woo did not assault Kang Hye Seung and that his murder was not a suicide. That cleared up a lot of things for me. Infact, the entire Injoo case had some secrets that were revealed. But I know it’s not over yet.

Unnichan: I wasn’t surprised at all that Sun Woo had been murdered but that didn’t change my outrage with Hye Seung. Hae Young and I both were writhing with disbelief at that girl. When I think about what Sun Woo went through and how he still managed to smile for her was just torture. At times I realize that people have to fight alone, but in this case, Sun Woo honestly didn’t have to. I’m wondering though, how was he poisoned? While he was at home alone? Did he go out? Who did he meet? The list goes on and on but I can’t imagine him allowing Ahn or Bum Joo in his house. And I don’t see Bum Joo as the type to get his hands dirty… Sooo, who killed him? All I can say is, if Bum Joo killed that child with his own hands… Oh and Ahn proves he truly was a good detective. He knew the statute of limitations was over for Injoo and investigating Jae Han’s murder was too close to home, so he honed in on Sun Woo, where there is no limitation. That was pretty excellent.

DeShonda: I was also very furious when Detective Park was talking to Hye Seung about the death of his brother. Some of these events that happened could have been avoided and Sun Woo would still be alive. I was also thinking that Bum Joo is responsible for killing Sun Woo because he has shown his true colors and killed before. About the poisoning, I have questions about that as well, but again, I think that Bum Joo has something to do with that as well. I am hoping that Bum Joo is found guilty of murder. He has gotten away with this for a long time and there needs to be some justice. I am very excited for the episodes next week and I am looking forward to Detective Lee finding and helping Sun Woo. There are still so many questions that need answers, but we are getting close to finding out how everything ties together even more.

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