Dispatchers, we have made it to our very last transmission. Questions that we often wondered about in previous episodes are finally answered and our characters finally have the closure they were seeking. Join Unnichan and me as we discuss the final chapters of this well rounded, well written, very well acted, suspenseful drama. We both agree that Signal is one of the best dramas not only of 2016, but of all time. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

DeShonda: Wow what a way to end this absolutely flawless drama. I was on an emotional rollercoaster watching these final two episodes. I know I cried just as much (maybe more) watching the finale than the other episodes. So much happened and our questions were finally answered that tied everything together.

Unnichan: I thought I was going to make it with dry eyes, then the middle of the finale rolled around and I was gone. This show was spectacular, from start to finish and round again. The best part being that the action never ends. Until the last few moments things are still moving and changing and that’s what makes this such a wonderful watch. Even with Jang Young Chul still remaining basically illusory, there was this sense of closure even as time continues to tick on. But getting into the last few questions answered, the bulk of those came from Kim Sung Bum.

DeShonda: I completely agree with you Unnichan. We did get a sense of closure thanks to Kim Sung Bum. We finally learned in detail how Detective Lee died and the real reason behind it. We all knew that Kim Bum Joo was the one behind the murder of Sun Woo, Detective Lee, and Chief Ahn. Seeing how everything tied together with the Injoo case gave me an “Ah Ha” moment. I was furious watching watching the scenes when he was going on his killing spree. But we all knew he was a dirty cop to begin with. As viewers we really got a chance to see all of his true colors.

Unnichan: That was the hardest for me because him killing Sun Woo himself was the one thing I never wanted to see or know. And then to have Hae Young begging for time to change in 2016 and watch Jae Han be a step too late? Crushed. It’s one of those things that you knew from the beginning couldn’t truly be rectified but also couldn’t help but hope for. Kim Sung Bum’s involvement was that loophole that Bum Joo needed to close. I liked that even with someone as cunning and corrupt as Bum Joo, he couldn’t do everything on his own and needed someone to do the heavy lifting. For when you have someone like that around, that means there’s someone who knows all your secrets. A liability. Not like the Congressman who knows your deepest weaknesses but someone who can hurt you where it truly hurts. Honestly, it would have been nice to see Bum Joo squirm, but instead he ran and died in the street, like the dog he was… Guess I can’t really complain.

DeShonda: It’s funny you mentioned how Bum Joo is not capable of doing things by himself because I was thinking the exact same thing. Proof that he is not as strong as one thinks. I also would have loved to see something happen to Bum Joo as well. One of the saddest points in these episodes were when Detective Lee died. I cried like a baby just to see him alive again, and everything changing once again. Sometimes I think the transmissions hurt certain situations than help them. Both detectives tried to their hardest to change things from the past and present, but I do believe that everything worked out at the end and I am satisfied with the outcome.

Unnichan: It’s just like Hae Young said “one man’s determination.” Detective Lee Jae Han was one amazing man. I truly fell in love him, for his passion and righteousness. He is perhaps the best cop I’ve ever seen in a Kdrama as well. And that isn’t because he’s the smartest but someone who persevered and was unwilling to be bought. When he sent that scarf to the US and used his Korean-English dictionary to translate the results, I couldn’t help to be moved at his dedication. Several of the things he said throughout this series are the bedrock of its message but it was definitely moments like that that made you pay attention to him. He was someone that lived by his words. As he experienced life, it shaped his thoughts and his challenges spurned him to improve and seek change. He and Hae Young were so very much alike and yet, in every timeline but the last, they’d never truly met. Without even knowing, Hae Young was so heavily motivated by this man, it’s fascinating how Show was able to weave that in.

DeShonda: I really loved Detective Lee as well. He is one of my favorite characters in K-Drama as well. I love his determination and dedication he had for his job. He is the epitome of what a great cop should be. In fact, I loved all of the characters in this series. Detective Park really came a long way from the first episode until the last. I really loved the development of his character as the new rookie to someone who became a very strong detective at the end. Detective Cha is an amazing strong woman as well. And similar to Detective Park, I really enjoyed her story and watching her character develop from this young new cop to the strong woman she is now. These actors were the best chosen for this drama and they did a fantastic job. The writers and directors were amazing as well. The storyline was always interesting and left me literaly on the edge of my seat week after week. This drama will be on my Top 5 K-Dramas of 2016 without a doubt.

Unnichan: I actually feel a little empty now that it’s over because it will probably go down as the best drama of this year. Cha Soo Hyun is this woman that transitions from a completely green cop to a woman of steely confidence and intuition. What I loved in these last episodes is that even though finding Jae Han was her main priority for the last 15 years, when Hae Young was dying in the parking garage, he was the only thing that mattered. It was actually Hae Young whose mind was on extending Jae Han’s life, not hers and I felt that was extremely significant. For she was at a point where she’d come to terms with the reality that in that moment, what was important was who was in front of her--- the living. And then, the tables turn again, when time changes, her memories alter and hope springs again. Ugh! Just some many great moments in this story. It so deserves a rewatch! I hate to see it go.

DeShonda: I will definitely be re watching this drama again as well. In conclusion, I think that it’s the best way this could have ended. Knowing that Detective Lee is like a Pitbull with a bone once he latches onto a case, it would have been implausible if he had just let sleeping dogs lie once he proved that Sun Woo had been murdered. So of course he would keep on digging and of course the senator would have him eliminated as well. I am very happy that Detective Park survived and actually has his real family now, even though he remembers his past life as well. With that, I am also happy that Detective Cha remembers everything also. They will need each other while they continue Detective Lee’s work. My final words for this drama are, good job Signal, good job. I loved you from the first minute of episode one to the last minute of episode sixteen. Bravo to all of the actors, writers, directors, and producers of this brilliant show. I would only hope for a Season Two for the last episode is the perfect setup for that to possibly happen. Lets keep our fingers crossed. Until next time...this is DeShonda and Unnichan signing off on our last transmission.

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