We're back for another thrilling and tear-educing episodes of Signal. We're introduced to a new case from the past that isn't as easy at the seems. We also have a shocking death that will leave you speechless. Our characters are quickly learning the consequences of messing with time. Join Unnichan, DeShonda, and me as we discuss this week's episodes!

Unnichan: *tears* This week was informative and heartwrenching. Think that’s the best I can describe it. First we have Hae Young trying to piece together what he knows about the transmission: the whats and whens, but he isn’t sure how or exactly why and neither are we. I like that we also find out that this isn’t anything new for Hae Young, in that he’s always been inquisitive and thirsting for knowledge and answers. Digging around, wondering what makes others and things tick. He’s still reeling from the unnecessary deaths of the previous few days and is determined to get to the bottom of why this is all happening and how to use it properly… Then we have Jae Han who just wants to his job and catch bad guys any way he can--- justly, of course.

Jazmine: I was not expecting to cry so many tears this week! We did learn a lot and I love the way this drama is alway surprising me. I find myself intrigued each and every episode. There is no slow moment for me and I really like. I love Hae Young’s ambition and curiosity. I really want to know what the “why” is for the transmissions. This drama weaves the sub-plots (the individual cases) and the main plot (the main characters’ stories) together really well. Also, I love Jae Han so much. He’s kinda quirky and down-to-earth and I like that he’s really striving for justice when there are constant powers against him. He’s the do-good kinda cop you wanna see in the world.

DeShonda: I agree with you Unnichan. This week was very sad! I also love the fact that Hae Young is very eager to figure out why the transmissions are happening and he is trying to figure out more about Jae Han as well. I have a feeling that he has figured out only a small piece of the puzzle as of right now. Jae Han...my heart just breaks for him! I also agree that he just want’s to do his job and make things right, but they are just not working in his favor. When Kyung Tae blamed him for Eun Ji’s death I really felt sorry for Jae Han. That entire case had me on the edge of my seat once again. I was trying to figure out who was to blame and why, and once again...I was wrong and surprised at the outcome.

Unnichan: Haha. Well guess it’s a good thing we actually have fairly competent cops in this show. Jae Han has been the most tragic character from the start, in the sense that he feels helpless, he’s always wanted to just bring order and discipline through his job; carry out justice, but over and over this gets muddled, with and without the transmissions. But what I love, is that show, turns that on its head in this last episode. That their connection doesn’t just hurt Jae Han or his trajectory but Hae Young and Soo Hyun. Which leads me to believe that as long as they communicate, their wounds will get deeper. Though I also believe while that happens, other scars will heal and find closure.

DeShonda: Absolutely I believe that the more communication, the more closure will happen. Speaking of hurt, I hope that we did not lose our Soo Hyun. It’s way too early for that to happen now. Hae Young needs her in my opinion. I felt very sad when Hae Young tried to save her, but was unsuccessful. I hope that she will come back OK. She is trying to figure out what happened to Jae Han it seems. I must admit, I am as well. I think we can predict that he is deceased, but who killed him and why? I have a feeling that the Chief and Lieutenant have something to with it.

Jazmine: Listen….when Soo Hyun died in that explosion I had to pause the drama. I couldn’t believe it. I haven’t watched many thriller/supernatural dramas but NEVER has one the main characters been killed like that. Usually it’s an accident of something but never anything as definite as an explosion. I have a strong feeling she’ll come back, but it was so unexpected. And I agree with you DeShonda, Hae Young needs her. They complement each other well and can learn so much from each other. As far as Jae Han’s disappearance….I wanna say he survived that gunshot somehow but that’s highly unlikely. The Chief and Lieutenant definitely have something to do with it, but I don’t think either of them pulled the trigger.

Unnichan: I should’ve known when it was mentioned that Soo Hyun is notoriously, or famously single, then to see her at home with her nephews in pink, her mother fixing up matseons. But I believed until the last second that she wasn’t going to die. The tears poured when her mother showed up to claim her. It’s funny, because I was just warming to the idea that she was finally going to be able to move on from Jae Han. I think she definitely loved him but if he hadn’t disappeared and just died, I think she wouldn’t be as stunted. Just like the M.E. said, she’s looking and waiting, and it hurts to see her frantic with hope, then downcast with disappointment. I trust that Hae Young will find a way to at least get a redo through Jae Han, but I like the idea of getting the opportunity to see more 1995 Soo Hyun. She’s the common thread between these lines and it’ll be nice to see her living in real time, not just her memories. I have a feeling, she may even have hand in preventing her own future demise, which will be pretty cool. My only question is, when will Hae Young figure out that she is the link, that Jae Han knows her and if he does, will he tell Jae Han that Oh Hyun Tae kills her?

DeShonda: I love 1995 Soo Hyun and I hope that we see more of her as well. I am waiting with bated breath when Hae Young figures out that she knows Jae Han. That will be a very crucial part of the story. I hope that he tells Soo Hyun about the transmissions in the future, because as of right now, he is the only one who knows. The time that the transmissions are happening is very important as well. We know they happen at the same time, but what do they mean? Could it be a time of a murder perhaps? And if so, who’s murder? So many questions that are in need of answers. I know it will all come together in the future.

Jazmine: Unnichan, I was crying buckets when Soo Hyun’s mom showed up at the station. I couldn’t take it. I was hoping that by now Hae Young would have mentioned Jae Han absentmindedly to Soo Hyun and she would have been like “Why are looking into my Sunbae” or Hae Young would’ve overhead Jae Han mentioning Soo Hyun….I’m not sure what but I wanted that connection to already have been made. I can’t wait until it happens though. I’m definitely interested in the timing of the transmission too.

Unnichan: I definitely think you bring up a good point DeShonda, perhaps it’s the time of a murder and from what we know, Jae Han was bleeding out after being attacked in 2000 at 11:23pm. It wasn’t the first transmission but it does happen. It’ll be interesting to know what triggered the transmission in the first place and what was so special about that incident that would cause this wrinkle in time. Then we still have to find out how this all has to do with Hae Young’s family. Or rather his brother. It was interesting that this week we learn that his parents are rarely home. It reminds me of our question last week as to why Mom was away. I don’t actually think this answers it, but it does add another layer. But for now, we need to catch this shameless, sloppy chaebol thief Han Se Kyu. I wonder if he and his friends were stealing from their parents for fun or if it truly was a lone job he did just to see if he could?

DeShonda: Oh yes...Han Se Kyu. He is very sloppy and I was thinking that he was just stealing for fun. I have a feeling he was alone and did not have any accomplices. I wonder why he was stealing from these particular people as well. But I know we will find out in the next episode for this one was a bit of a cliffhanger. Just as you are, I am still wondering about Hae Young’s family. Something tragic happened to his brother and it left him all alone at a young age to basically depend on himself. We wonder where his mother is during all of this, but I also wonder if his father was in his life as well. Again, so many questions that continue to make me think. That’s what I love about Signal so far though. Everything is not straightforward and predictable.

Jazmine: I wonder how Jae Han will catch Han Se Kyu. I love the little cliffhangers at the end that keep you coming back. I’m also quite curious about Hae Young’s brother. I have so many questions that I’m sure everyone else has and I’m really hoping they explore it soon. And yeah DeShonda this show really keeps you on your toes and I like that.

Unnichan: Exactly! That has to be what keeps you coming back to a show like this one. ‘Cause though I know there will be tears, it keeps me engaged. This week I was focused on the idea of victim vs victimization. For we have a two criminals, two fathers, two daughters, two cops. They are all involved in a tragedy but who are the victims? The line is blurred when it comes most of them because they play a role in the events that occur to them. Some more than others but it’s still evident that once you consider yourself a victim, your sphere closes a bit and your rationale shifts. One father seeks revenge over another, not taking into consideration, all he did was put his daughter first, which is no different from the other’s motivation. I like that show tackles this in a way that keeps everything grey and flawed and human.

DeShonda: As viewers, we think we know the answers, but then there are many twists and turns that come unexpected. The writers of this drama are really doing a great job at not giving too much information away too quickly, which is why Signal keeps me on edge. While watching, the viewer has to really pay attention to detail of what is happening. It seems like if you blink an eye, you will miss some important information. Bravo to the writers for keeping the suspense level on high.

(Use this cute photo of Soo Hyun to ease the pain of losing her)

What do you think? How is it all connected? Will Soo Hyun come back? Who is responsible for Jae Han's disappearance? What happened with Hae Young's family? Let us know in the comments below!

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