How was your Valentine's Day Dispatchers? Well, I'm positive the majority of us were ready to send chocolates and flowers to the writers of Signal for calming our concerns and reviving, or rather, reversing our favorite female Detective! With her return, comes the resurrection of another not-so-dead woman, that spears us directly back to a case and a criminal with more layers and intrigue than we initially believed. And while Hae Young is still licking his wounds from his chaotic communications with Jae Han, he reverts to radio silence, but the damage is done and their lines continue to cross. Thankfully, DeShonda and I get a little bit of confirmation on our earliest burning questions as some key events are aligned and faces uncovered. What did you guys think of this week's episodes? Let us know in the comments below!

Unnichan: Boy, do I wish my mid-afternoon naps worked like Hae Young’s! Who wouldn’t love to fall asleep and wake to their worst day being erased?

DeShonda: Yes indeed! I must admit, I was very afraid that we might have lost our Detective Cha. But as it appears, she just took a sick day. Detective Park seemed surprised as well, for it seemed like he did not know what happened. Could it be that the accident on the bridge was all a dream perhaps?

Unnichan: No. Jae Han changed time. He was able to arrest Han Se Kyu and stopped the course of Kyung Tae committing that particular crime. But he still ended up in jail for murdering the other father any way. I actually liked that twist because it just goes to show that he had murder and revenge in his heart. And nothing, not even fifty winks and the intervention of time shifts could change that.

DeShonda: Ah yes, how could I forget that he ended up in jail? You’re correct, he was going to kill no matter what. One thing that I really liked about this week’s episodes are the way Detective Cha and Detective Park solved the case of “The Blue Diamond Necklace.” I was literally on the edge of my seat as Detective Park was interrogating Han Se Kyu. Not only when he met him in the club, but also at the station. And the evidence that led up to to his arrest was just amazing.

Unnichan: The setup to the course of events was great because I always questioned why Se Kyu was doing this, if his friends were involved etc. When the episode started and Jae Han got a result so quickly, even confronting the Senator (cameo by my love Sohn Hyun Joo), I was a tad deflated. But then the show flips another page and all this other information drops out. Missing persons, faked deaths, rapes, murder and sex tapes. They even threw in a little love story to warm and melt the heart.

DeShonda: Han Se Kyu thought he could get away with it, but he was just as slick because he is a lawyer. I had a feeling that the Chief and the Lieutenant were going to try to protect him. Unfortunately, that plan fell through due to the tape.

Unnichan: Se Kyu was just a rich idiot and I was confused as to how he could possibly be anyone’s lawyer, until Hae Young blows his spot in the club. It was perfect! The corruption is thick in this show but not undefeatable and I like that. I appreciated this episode also answered a few other questions like what Jae Han was referring to in his last death message in episode 1, how he got saddled with Kim Bum Joo, now Director Kim and who was chasing him. With that last one, I don’t think any of us were surprised but it still hurt.

DeShonda: That set up at the club was one of my favorite scenes. And I actually had to watch these episode a couple of times because it did take a flip with the fake death. I was shocked and surprised when I saw that. As a viewer, I did not see that coming at all, which is why I love this drama so much. You have to expect the unexpected. Just when I think I know what’s going on, I get a surprisingly different outcome. I did notice that cameo from Sohn Hyun Joo as the Senator as well and I was happy to see that bit of him in this drama. You and I are on the same page UnniChan. We did get some questions answered and I was very glad about this, but not surprised about the outcome of Detective Lee. Now I know who killed him, but now I wonder what led up to his death.

Unnichan: With that whole ordeal I really could just cry. Because there’s no way Ahn Chi Soo didn’t wrestle with shooting his friend and colleague in cold blood. He must have felt backed into a corner and you can tell that what he did has haunted him all these years. Not to mention in that moment, he literally became a hunting dog and we all know what happens to them. But mentioning him makes reminds me that he was the source of several of my questions this week, like what did he expect to find when he rummaged through the trash Hae Young threw away and why did he take the radio back out? And I was livid when he sowed a seed of distrust between Cha and Park, however, given the other things he’s done, I don’t think he did it just for malicious reasons. I think he’s tired and wants someone to uncover the truth. You can tell he wants to be a decent cop. Living like he has a truly taken its toll.

DeShonda: I wondered the same thing. Why would he take the radio out and return it back to Detective Park? I also think that he wants to get the truth out there about what happened to Detective Lee. I can see the good cop in him as well. You make a really good point that he is tired and that incident is weighing heavy on his mind. I wonder what will happen when Detective Cha finds out that Detective Park has been communicating with Detective Lee. I was wondering what her reaction would have been. She came close to questioning Detective Park about the transmissions.

Unnichan: There were actually some really nice beats between those two this week. We got a bit of comedy from her mother, but you get a sincere sense of respect and value from Hae Young at this point. Especially, with the events leading up to and the aftermath of her “death.” She’s a little surprised by the attention but it’s nice to see. His regard gets deeper, the more he interacts with Jae Han as well, which is interesting. Every week I’m waiting for the lines to cross with these three but we’re not there yet. Guess it’s just another lesson in patience. But was it just me that thinks what Jae Han wanted to talk to her about was the two of them, their relationship? Could she have confessed to him? Or hinted? Soo Hyun ‘95 seems like she might have been that kind of girl.

DeShonda: How could I forget the comedic relief not only from her mother, but from her and Detective Park. I could not help myself from laughing when Detective Cha was learning how to drive. I needed that bit of comedy to help balance the tragedy. You are not the only one who thought that Jae Han wanted to talk to Soo Hyun about their relationship, I thought the same thing actually. I really am enjoying ‘95 Soo Hyun and seeing her develop from the shy rookie cop in the past, to this strong detective she is now. I know one thing, I would not want to get in a fight with her.

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