Transmissions between Detective Lee And Detective Cha continue, Detective Cha becomes a victim in the latest case, Chief Ahn now knows about Detective Lee’s communication and we learn about a new case in Injoo. Join Jazmine, UnniChan, and me as we discuss the latest case on Signal.

 DeShonda: Well the episodes this week once again had me on the edge of my seat! I was not expecting Detective Cha to be one of the victims in the latest case. Watching that scene when he kidnapped her to the point where she escaped was the scariest thing.She is such a brave and strong woman for getting herself caught in order to try and catch the culprit. I was wondering how she would escape the kidnapper, and I was so happy that Detective Lee was there at the end to save her. I feel like as a viewer, I know a little bit more about the relationship she had with Detective Lee. I believe that since he saved her life, the two became closer.

Jazmine: I know right! That was absolutely terrifying. I can’t imagine having to go through that and you can see the effects that is had on her, and I think it was this moment that really changed her relationship with Detective Lee. This entire case was just really interesting too. I liked how the case technically didn’t “exist” until Hae Young found Detective Lee’s notebook. It’s when they started talking about it that they found out about the other bodies. The intricacies of time are always interesting and I like seeing them played out in this drama.

Unnichan: I guess we all agree that Soo Hyun’s abduction was a turning point for them, right? I couldn't help but think that Jae Han was treating her differently this week. His temper was shorter, his exasperation greater. But once he has that conversation with Hae Young (whom I think is pretty hip to the fact his Detective Cha must have had a crush on Lee) I realized it was probably just due to the fact he viewed her as a clumsy rookie. That’s what makes her taking on this Hongwon-dong case so interesting because being very green, never stopped her from taking initiative where she can. And especially if Lee is involved. I knew she was a victim the moment she saw the body in the ME’s office but I didn’t know how she could have been a target because she’s nothing like those other women. But then she put those earphones in and it explained everything. Also do you guys think the other women were just so depressed they didn’t even try to fight back? He didn’t drug them. It’s true Convenience Killer left Soo Hyun alone, but it also seems like he savors the kill, so I doubt that was the first time. He was basically just banking on her staying put.

DeShonda: I am glad I was not the only one who noticed Lee Jae Han’s temper. And I agree with you Unnichan, I was not expecting Detective Cha to be a victim. When she was in the ME’s office I thought she probably knew one of the victims, but for her to be a victim herself was surprising. I also know that sometimes for to understand the murderer or the victim,they will often follow the same exacts steps as the victims. And that is clearly what Detective Cha was doing. I was thinking also that the women who were kidnapped did not fight back because they were very depressed.

Unnichan: And I can’t be the only one who thinks Chief Ahn showed a little too much of his hand this week, right? Confronting Hae Young for rifling, playing the victim, would have gone over much less suspiciously. But mentioning the case’s nonexistent has me thinking about the dates Hae Young found, which are basically just the transmission cases--- which means, these guys are definitely inching to the Injoo case very soon. I don't think any of us were surprised about the development with finding out Lee’s involvement with that case because that is the only thing that makes his connection to Hae Young make sense but I am glad Hae Young now knows there's a thread between them. However, my question is, are these transmission cases all things that need to be rectified? Things that Jae Han would have done properly, if not for the corruption of Kim Bum Joo? He says that the past can be changed, what about that statement spoken into that radio, triggered this whole thing?

DeShonda: Chief Ahn was really digging into why Detective Lee had the radio big time. And as I suspected from the beginning he had something to do with the disappearance and possible murder of Detective Park. I was nervous watching Chief Ahn question Detective Park about Detective Lee and what he knows. I think that there is definitely more to the transmissions and I do believe it’s Kim Bum Joo. I can’t wait to see how all everything finally ties together and we find out what really happened to Detective Park. I am very interested about the Injoo case. I was wondering what the connection was between Detective Park and come to find out it’s his brother. This is very interesting and I know there is much more to this story than we now know.

Unnichan: I think my favorite part about this episode was Soo Hyun’s perseverance. However, I didn’t like that she was so bent on taking the blame for the other nine murders. Because though I completely understood Jae Han’s approach with interrogating her, getting her to jog her memory and tap into herself as a detective--- not remembering doesn’t make her responsible. She truly did (as far as we know), all she could at the time. I knew that she hadn’t bumped into something but someone, but what snagged me was why he let her go, until she went under hypnosis. I’d initially assumed he happened upon her trying to escape and that fact had dampened his motivation. It didn’t occur to me that her first bump got her turned around. That added layer of revelation changed everything for Cha and me.

DeShonda: I loved Detective Cha’s determination throughout this scene as well. I had to watch this scene a few times and I was wondering why he let her escape. But I agree that she should not blame herself for the other murders.

Unnichan: Also I’m enjoying the cameos in this drama tremendously. And Lee Sang Yeob has done an excellent job with what we’ve seen so far. For from the moment I saw him, I knew he was dangerous. He wasn’t just some cutie pie convenience store employee. Then the way he blatantly lied to the first victim? I mean, there’s no way he was looking but leading her into a trap with his puppy spiel. And although he’s a sick, sick man, Show has a way of revealing the plights of these monsters in ways that make them human. I won’t say sympathetic, necessarily because they certainly haven’t all been, but this guy is severely traumatized, to the point, human compassion and interest frightens and sickens him. Watching his mother torment him hurts and angers you. It was one of those instances where you know that she’s mentally ill herself, but that doesn’t stop you from being furious she chose to raise a child.

DeShonda: Yes! I totally noticed See Sang Yeob! I just saw him recently in Penny Pinchers. He has done a fabulous job as playing the kidnapper! His performance is believable and chilling at the same time. He was definitely scary as he was leading his victims to the puppy and then when he had his victims tied up and was torturing them was also scary. I was glad to see the backstory about him because I wondered why he was victimizing these women. I don’t believe that killers are born…..they are made and we clearly saw that he was a homegrown made killer by the hand of his own mother. It’s obvioius this young man was shown no love whatsoever. I was sympathetic for him and what he had to endure as a child. No child should go through such abuse from anyone, let alone their own parent.

Unnichan: Now all I need to know is, does Convenience Killer (Jin Woo) murder Yoo Seon Young right then and there or does something else transpire between them? He’s been luring and murdering women for over 10 years but from the way he killed and disposed of her body, she was important to him. When I first saw the body, I figured she must have been a girlfriend or family member but once we see the interaction between the two, my thoughts started to change. Is it possible he felt a type of remorse for that murder because in his own way she became a real person? Someone he had a slight connection to or feelings for? Seems like that’s never happened before, so that is something that would certainly set her apart--- finding interest in her as a breathing human being, over hunted prey.

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