A new music site called Alive is giving music fans a say about who comes and performs in Japan. The Japanese site was unveiled in October and it is similar to the crowd-funding site Kickstarter in the sense that if fans pledge to buy a certain number of tickets by a certain date, then that band will come and perform. For example, if a show is posted and fans pledge to buy 200 tickets, then they will travel to Japan and perform. If the goal is not met than no one gets charged and the band stays put.

The site was started by a British neuroscientist researcher, Sam Mokhtary, and he says they have plans to include big bands. "We don’t just go in, willy-nilly, and say we’ll do any old band,” Mokhtary says. “We’re analyzing the way people have spoken about these artists online, and different fields — things like their record sales — before we book them." Sounds like a great way to get some really good talent!

Bands so far listed on Alive's site.

An English site is set to launch soon.

The Alive team! (From left to right: Masaki Fushimi, Takashi 'Katoman' Kato, Sam Mokhtary and Yutaka Fujiki)

Wouldn't this be a great way to get your favorite K-pop band to come to your city?