Simon D wanted to experience the first snow with actress Kang Sora! During MBC FM4U’s Dreaming Radio broadcast yesterday, DJ Tablo asked the well-known rapper if he knew about the online survey where netizens chose Suzy to share the first snow of the season with them. Simon D disclosed that he liked Suzy, but he would prefer to share it with Kang.

“I like Kang Sora these days."He continued, "Her popularity has soared with the drama Misaeng. I want to experience the snow with Kang Sora." The Supreme Team member concluded with the following joke: "I just want to get hit by Kang Sora... whether I get slapped in the face or punched in the stomach.”

Tablo suggested that he ask her Misaeng co-star Im Si Wan, who was the male winner of the netizen snow poll, to introduce them. 

Simon responded, “I texted Im Si Wan, ‘Kang Sora is so pretty’ but he didn't reply. He didn't read it.”

Would you like to see the cute stars start a relationship? 

Watch Kang Sora on Doctor Stranger:

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