Taiwanese pop diva A-Mei was recently surprised at the last-minute that Singapore's government banned her from singing her song "Rainbow" at her concert on June 7. She had performed the song in Singapore in a previous concert. This time, however, the government of Singapore said the song was 'inappropriate' and would not allow A-Mei to sing it.

Famous singer A-Mei (Chang Hui-Mei) is Taiwan's award-winning pop singer who has achieved super-diva status in the Mandarin-speaking world. She started singing the song "Rainbow" a few years ago, as a tribute to love and to show support for gay lovers who were suffering due to lack of equal rights.

At the song's debut, she explained why she was singing "Rainbow":

There is so much love around me. Actually, we have a lot of different kinds of love. There is love between siblings, relatives, classmates, friends, and lovers. Whether it's love between a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, it's love to be cherished. I hope everyone will cherish each other regardless of the kind of love.

On June 7, as A-Mei was about to perform at Singapore's Spring Wave Music and Art Festival at Gardens by the Bay, she was notified that the Singaporean government forbade her from singing "Rainbow". The reason given at first was that it was not authorized. Then, it was inappropriate. Finally, it was stated that because the venue was in the outdoors, the inappropriate subject of the song was unsuitable for the general public.

Although A-Mei was surprised by the ban, she said she would respect the event's organizer and removed the song from her performance.

This is a recording of her performance in Taipei in 2010. Here are the lyrics (translated by me.)

Rainbow - (lyrics by Chen Jeng-Chuan, music by A Di Zi)

Your neatly tucked white bed, a place where I pour my thoughts.
Hugging you and crying till morning, you were waiting for a happy kitchen.
That Valentine's Day dinner, I was the one who stayed with you.

The closet isn't big at all, where your paradise is hidden, also welcomes me to share.
Our loves are very similar, both hurt because of men, but we keep stumbling forward.

When the sky is overcast, when the temperature is abnormal,
you use a tremendous strength to resist.
When the look is sharp, when the sound is piercing,
you use the rainbow's romance to gently wrap around.

When I threw away his clothes, your eyes got red first.
You teased my silliness, laughed at my nervousness.
When I found happiness, you joyfully helped me put make-up on.
You teased my silliness, laughed at my nervousness.

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Reaction to the song's ban is mostly negative. Singaporean film director Royston Tan wrote on his FB page, 'Singapore may stop A-mei from singing Rainbow, but it cannot stop people from loving it.' Another netizen wrote, 'However well its economic development is, a country without freedom of expression cannot become an admirable country.'

Shall we all play and listen to her beautiful song, regardless of what Singapore says?