Baek Ji Young

The Brave Brothers and Baek Ji Young's new song "Reminded of You" was officially released today, and has since topped various online music charts. The song is composed of a disco-like melody with the incorporation of Baek Ji Young’s charming voice.

The song was created as a collaboration project with "hit makers" Brave Brothers and Baek Ji Young. The Brave Brothers gifted the song ‘Reminded of You’ to bride-to-be Baek Ji Young as a way of congratulating her for her upcoming wedding on June 2. Though the singer is busy preparing for her wedding, she showed much affection in the song by actively participating in working with Brave Brothers.

Meanwhile, Baek Ji Young is ten weeks pregnant and taking care of her body, as well as focusing on preparations for her wedding together with groom-to-be and actor Jung Suk Won. Listen to Baek Ji Young's new song here:

(source: nate news, youtube)