Baek Ji Young With the terribly sad news spreading about singer Baek Ji Young’s miscarriage after 4 months of pregnancy, netizens continue to send supportive messages. A representative from Baek Ji Young’s agency stated, “Notice of the miscarriage diagnosis was received on the morning of June 27. Having a miscarriage within 4 months of pregnancy, including Baek Ji Young, the entire family is in a state of shock.” It was mentioned that husband Jung Suk Won is also very sad. At the time of her wedding, Baek Ji Young, who was three months pregnant, was advised by the hospital to be careful and even delayed her honeymoon vacation, focusing on prenatal care. However, in the afternoon of June 26, she felt stomach pains and was said to have had a miscarriage the next morning on June 27. Netizens who came across the news left supportive messages, saying, “I support you Baek Ji Young ma’am.  Take heart.” “Baek Ji Young’s miscarriage news is so sad. Hope you shake off the wound fast and stand up again,” “Both Baek Ji Young and Jung Suk Won must be deeply heart broken. We hope that the wound heals quickly.” (source: nate news)