Baek Ji Young & Jung Suk Won Singer Baek Ji Young made an official statement about her pregnancy. On May 14, Baek’s agency WS Entertainment revealed through an official press release, "That is right, Baek Ji Young is pregnant." The agency stated, “Baek Ji Young was aware of her pregnancy when her marriage was announced. The singer wanted to reveal that fact; however, her agency denied it, concerned her premarital pregnancy may attract the public’s attention.” Following the agency added, “The pregnancy is a very personal and sensitive part. It is at the early stage of pregnancy and we have to be very cautious since there’s a lot of burden of the risk in giving birth at an older age. Also we feared that Baek Ji Young and Jung Suk Won would be hurt if netizens were to make any irrational comments.” The agency also commented, “Not being able to reveal the pregnancy news because of the cautiousness of a new life at the moment, Baek Ji Young and Jung Suk Won wanted to officially reveal the news at their wedding day on June 2, with the agreement of both parents and blessings from many people; however, the news was spread through an acquaintance, about which Baek Ji Young is feeling regret.” Netizens' reactions have been various, saying things like “Congratulations,” “Even though it’s a premarital pregnancy, all you have to do is raise the child well and live happily!” and “Fighting!” Do you have any words for new mommy Baek Ji Young? Tell us in the comments below! (source: nate news)