Baek Ji Young After experiencing pain due to her miscarriage, Baek Ji Young was said to be resting at home, recovering both physically and mentally. On June 2, Baek Ji Young -- who recently married actor Jung Suk Won -- postponed her honeymoon in order to prevent any initial risks of her four month pregnancy. However, on June 27, she unfortunately had a miscarriage. About her recovery since the miscarriage, one source said:
“Baek Ji Young’s body has recuperated a lot. She is currently exercising diligently upon being discharged from the hospital a few days ago. With the hospital’s instructions to rest for about 3 months, the singer is resting without any schedules planned."
Netizens who heard the news commented, “Baek Ji Young’s present condition, cheer up,” “It’s a relief to hear she has improved,” “Hope your health recovers soon.” Meanwhile, it is said that despite his busy film schedule, husband Jung Suk Won is currently spending his time taking care of his wife as she recovers. (source: nate news)