Boa "Asia’s Star" singer BoA is returning with a music video for her new Japanese single, "Tail of Hope." After officially debuting through Japan’s pop scene in 2001, a total of 1,000 million copies of the album were sold, taking the number one spot on the Oricon Chart. The original Hallyu star, BoA will be releasing her new single ‘Tail of Hope’ on the 26th, emerging at the top once again. Recently, the star revealed her new dance song, ‘Tail of Hope’ music video in Japan. In this music video, BoA does not dance as intensely as before, but instead shows off fun gestures, and vividly expresses the characteristics of the song. Also, the singer does not overexpose while crossing the foreign beach and ending up on a yacht, instead she wears just shorts and tank top, thus illustrating another charming side. BoA recently successfully finished her solo concert in Taiwan, Daegu, and Busan. Watch BoA's new MV here: (source: naver news, youtube)