Kim Bum Soo Singer Kim Bum Soo is resting after undergoing knee surgery. A representative from Kim Bum Soo’s agency stated on TV Report, “Though it is not a serious situation, we are watching over his condition.” On SBS's Good Sunday - Barefoot Friends on June 10, prior to the shooting, singer Kim Bum Soo was warming up on a trampoline when he twisted his foot and injured his knee. He is currently in the hospital due to a damaged cruciate ligament. The singer received knee surgery on June 18. Without getting any breaks from performances and entertainment activities in the meantime, and continuously working, it seems Kim Bum Soo wasn’t getting enough rest. Kim Bum Soo’s KBS radio show, Kim Bum Soo’s Gayo Plaza, in which he DJs, is currently being taken over by Jo Jung Chi, Ha Rim, Park Ji Yoon, Announcer Hwang Jung Min, Verbal Jint, Hong Jin Kyung, Yoo In Na, and Singer Lee Hyun Woo. (source: nate news, tv report)