kimkyungho2 kimkyungho1 Korean rock star Kim Kyung Ho -- aka National Sister for his long hair and feminine look -- confessed on Golden Fishery's Knee-Drop Guru (무릎팍 도사) that he was a victim of school bullying. The story he tells us is pretty sad: "I used to get beaten up during every class break when I was a student. So I liked class hours when I didn't get beaten up." He continues:
"I didn't want my parents or teachers find out, so I used to beg (my classmates) if they could hit the parts that couldn't be seen. What hurt me the most is that I had a childhood friend and he ignored me. It's been a long time since that happened and now I've lived as a grown up for a long time, but the memory of it still hurts me."
We hope Kim Kyung Ho's story would make those who bully friends self-reflect, and rethink their actions.