Lee Hyori We've already seen girl group Miss A’s Suzy and KARA’s Park Gyu Ri give cross-dressing a shot, and now singer Lee Hyori is joining in as well. The director of Lee Hyori’s music video, Cha Eun Taek, recently posted on his twitter page, “Who might this be?  An exclamation comes out automatically. Can such a flower boy exist? As always Lee Hyori. Pose Explosion,” along with a photo. In the photo, Lee Hyori is dressed like a guy sporting a short hairstyle wig and wearing mustache, giving off a ‘macho’ attitude. Much attention was drawn especially with the addition of the singer’s unique sexiness. Before Lee Hyori, Suzy and Park Gyu Ri presented cross-dressing through dramas. In MBC Monday/Tuesday Drama, ‘Gu Family Book’, Suzy plays the role of an intangible conduit instructor specializing in martial arts and archery. The actress dresses up in a guy’s traditional Korean clothing with her hair up and demonstrates both an easy-going charm and purity, receiving praise from viewers. Park Gyu Ri takes on the role of Yeo Joo who transforms into a guy in order to work at an all-flower boys’ nail shop in cable channel MBC QueeN Drama ‘Nail Shop Paris.’ Park Gyu Ri, who can be evoked as a handsome guy, is grabbing viewers’ attentions with her well-defined appearance. Recently, Park Gyu Ri perfectly cross-dressed as a guy by walking around Seoul Myeong Dong and Apugujeong after filming, wearing men’s wig and clothing, without anyone taking notice. (source: nate news)