Son Ho Young (33), singer for g.o.d., attempted suicide today following the suicide of his girlfriend earlier this week. At around 4:30am, the singer parked his car in a public parking lot near Seoul Seobing-dong Onuri Church and lit a piece of his car's ignition coal. As the interior of the car caught and intensified, Son was spotted by a passer-by and pulled to safety.

The inside of the vehicle was burned. No suicide note was found, but a letter damaged by the fire, written by the singer, was discovered at the scene. Some of the comprehensible phrases from the letter read: "From yesterday’s incident thought…", "…that it is changing...", and "…even if it were I would."

Son is currently receiving treatment at Seoul Han Nam Dong Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital. It appears there are no life-threatening injuries. Hospital personnel stated, “Though he passed through the crisis, he was moved to the intensive care unit due to psychological instability.” Experts say that when a suicide case occurs there needs to be psychological support for the high-risk suicide patients. It was also advised that in Son’s particular case (being a celebrity), one should pay close attention to younger fans who might want to imitate the singer.

Lee Kwang Ja Korea Center for Suicide Prevention Life Line explained, “The suicide bereaved families usually feel the psychological shock of suicidal thoughts for a period of six weeks. The police handling the case provide suicide prevention training and also psychological support at the time of the incident in order to prevent future tragic events."

“Cases of partners or lovers committing suicide is a huge psychology trauma to the person involved,” Ha Gyu Seob, the Director of the National Seoul Hospital confirmed. “During the police investigation, psychological counseling or psychiatric meeting service should be provided.”

(source: nate news)