On September 27th, SBSStrong Heart‘ featured singer Sung Shi Kyung who confessed about a time when he kissed a top actress after consuming alcohol.

The singer started off by sharing, “This is a while back, but..I’ve always wanted to say ‘I’m sorry’ to this one actress.  I had to do a kiss scene with a certain well-known celebrity for a video, but I took the shot right after I had some drinks.

He continued, “My breath would have smelled pretty bad… because I drank a lot that time… A LOT.”

The episode featured an ‘All Singer Special’ also featuring Jaurim (Kim Yuna, Lee Sun Gyu), Kim Jo Han, KARA (Nicole, Kang Ji Young), Kim Hye Sun, Byun Woo Min, Lee Yeh Rin, and INFINITE.

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