A brilliant star has left us too soon. 22-year-old singer Tany was killed on Sunday in a fiery car crash, according to Dispatch and other sources. The crash happened in the wee hours Sunday morning on the Namhae expressway. Tany’s vehicle was traveling from his hometown Jangheung to Mokpo in Jolla Province when it hit a constructional structure, killing Tany and another passenger, according to his agency.

“Two people were in the car, but it’s hard to tell who was a driver or passenger,” Tany’s representative said, according to MBN. “The National Forensic Service Institute had a DNA test and autopsy done today, and we’re waiting to hear the results. We won’t receive the body until the results come out, so the procession date hasn’t been set.”

Tany’s funeral home is in Suncheon, Jeolla. Visitation starts today.

His friends and coworkers are mourning, and parents are in a shock, especially since he was their only child. Tany was first recognized after singing ‘Despair’ at the Sewol ferry memorial service two years ago. Incidentally, the Sewol ferry sank four years ago yesterday.

Rest in peace, Tany.


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