Son Dam Bi Without any exaggeration, Son Dam Bi and Miranda Kerr’s meeting can be seen as a combination of beauty overflow between nations, as viewers observed heartwarmingly. On June 11 at 9pm near Seoul So Gong Dong, Lotte Hotel, "Miranda Kerr’s Welcoming Party" was held. At the party, MBC Music's Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days MC Son Dam Bi and best friend, top model Lee Hyun, attended with Miranda Kerr. This encounter was held prior to the shooting of Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days (to be aired on June 13), where Miranda Kerr personally invited the two for a meet and greet. It was said that many were astonished by the sight of the three stars, all the same age, with their superior looks and individuality. Miranda Kerr and Son Dam Bi gave each other high-fives when they found out they were the same age, looking delighted. During an interview, Miranda Kerr complimented Son Dam Bi’s earrings and nail art, and talked about their similar fashion senses. (source: naver news)