There's nothing stopping the 17 year-old-actress from living her life to the fullest! Just fresh from the success of her latest drama, Let's Fight GhostKim So Hyun is ready to take on another challenge. And this one hopefully involves an oppa! If you are currently crushing on the actress, make sure you scroll down to read the full never know, the lucky oppa to date Kim So Hyun might just be you!

It all started when the actress was shooting a scene with co-star Ok Taecyeon. "There was a scene where I walked home holdings hands with Bong Pal. I was trying to let go of his hand quickly, but I couldn't because Ok Taec Yeon oppa was holding on to it. When Park Jun Hwa PDnim saw that, he said, 'I can so easily tell you don't have much experience in dating.' I guess I let go of his hand as if we were breaking up, when people in love actually don't like saying goodbye," she said. 

Further adding, "I'm not sure about now, but I think I need to date sometime."

We are sure this story is going to make a lot of our male readers happy! Remember this story we recently did? Dreams do come true. 

You can marathon Let's Fight Ghost in its entirety now! 



Let's Fight Ghost

Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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