sisley1 Ever since an angry Jeju resident posted this photo, Sisley Cosmetics Korea has been harshly criticized by netizens for its messiness. According to South Korean sources, over 100 Sisley Cosmetics Korea’s staff members had a picnic at Yongnuni Oreum, a beautiful volcanic mountain in Jeju Island. After the picnic, they left all their garbage behind and the trash pile has been accumulating because other tourists dump trash at the spot, thinking that it’s meant for trash. After waiting for more than a week, the resident eventually cleaned up the garbage himself and it filled up five 20L garbage bags and two boxes. In case you've never heard of Yongnuni Oreum and the beautiful landscape of Jeju, here's what you're missing: sisley2 A representative of Sisley Cosmetics Korea later explained that the trash was a result of the catering company not picking up the garbage. But Sisley still can’t avoid being criticized for waiting and leaving the garbage out in this beautiful landscape for more than a week! What do you think of this cosmetics company's behavior?