Bora wants to stay a fangirl. During a recent recording of the KBS game show 1 vs. 100, SISTAR member Bora opened up about her celebrity crush Song Joong Ki. The "Shake It" singer was asked what she would do if her dream guy asked her on a date. "I think the fantasy will be gone if we date. I like the way things are now," she replied.

Despite male celebrities expressing their admiration of her through interviews, she remains a fan of the Nice Guy actor. "Since my debut, I have been devoted to Song Joong Ki. I have talked to him on the phone on TV and even saw him privately coincidentally, but I′m just a fan."

Celebrities like Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Byung Jae, and Jay Park have been fanboying over the SISTAR19 member for quite a while, so she has other stars to choose from when picking a boyfriend if she truly doesn't want to ruin the glorious Song Jong Ki dream. 

Bora's girl group SISTAR released their fifth mini album, Shake It, on June 22.

Do you think she would change her mind if Song really asked her on a date? 

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