A SISTAR member knows how to manage her money. On today's episode of the cable show Children, Life’s Greatest Blessing on JTBC, Soyou made an appearance and voiced her opinion about teens' lavish spending for dates. After MC Jeon Hyun Moo questioned where teens go on dates, she expounded on her view of memorable youth dates.

“I’m very frugal, so I always went to cheap restaurants when I was a teenager, " she explained to the audience. "This new generation of teens go to family restaurants or pasta places. I’m shocked because they are expensive. I worked part time since 7th grade."

She added, "I realized the value of money early on because I earned my allowance. I hope that students will go to cheaper places instead of family restaurants, so they can create memories in their youth.”

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The episode first aired at 11PM KST on JTBC. 

This year, Soyou released the single "Some" with fellow artist Jung GiGo. She also guest starred on this season's Running Man in episode 209.