Did you know Girls Generation’s Jessica is F(x) member and Heirs star, Krystal's older sister? Well you do now! And to show off their good genes they’ve recently posed for Harper's Bazaar Korea looking beyond fierce and fashionable. The two siblings wore heavy eyeliner and ultra straight hair for a more “runway chic” concept.

They both look like two high school delinquents posing for a photo in front of the local Dairy Queen. NO! I'm kidding! (I'm not) I love the contrast of their hair colors and Jessica's red leather jacket should be in my closet.

I LOVE Krystals denim shirt and the pants and the bottom row of false lashes so much I could hurl right now!

Jessica's smokey eye makeup is the entire world and she just looks so luxurious in that jacket! Don't you just wanna roll around in that fluffy over-sized collar!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE